Crepe Erase Review: Decent, but not our first choice anti-aging product

The skin care market is full of products focusing on treating acne, dry skin, or wrinkles. Some anti-aging products even address all of the above. However, few products focus solely on crepey skin.

What is crepey skin?

Crepey describes a condition in which your skin feels like crepe paper. Crepe paper is the fragile, crinkly paper that is used to fill gift bags or prevent fragile items you purchase at the store from breaking before you get home. It’s wrinkled, brittle, and feels as if you can rip it just by looking at it the wrong way.

As bodies age, skin can begin to look, feel, and act like crepe paper. This correlates with dry, thin, and wrinkled skin. Sun damage and environmental factors exacerbate the phenomenon. Most anti-aging products focus primarily on wrinkles or age spots on the face but ignore the crepey problems on the rest of your body.

Enter, Crepe Erase.

Crepe Erase is a product line designed to reverse and prevent dry, thin, or wrinkled skin. This combination or products hydrates and repairs skin to eliminate and avoid a crepey appearance. It includes options for a two-piece kit, a more extensive five-piece kit, and supplemental, area-specific products for problem areas that just won’t let up.

Even though this isn’t our favorite product line on the market, it isn’t the worst. It fills the giant hole in the current market that doesn’t specifically focus on crepey skin or body parts that show signs of aging other than the face, such as the hands, legs, and neck.

Plus, writing a review for this product helps us to share a greater understanding of factors that create crepey skin and how to treat and prevent it. Even if your response after reading is to purchase a different, possibly more effective system than Crepe Erase. It’s important to know the cause of your problems to be sure you’re addressing them with the best possible methods.

Keep reading for our full Crepe Erase review. Not only have we investigated the entire product line, client testimonials, and purchasing options, but we’ve also including tips and ingredients to look out for if a more dewy, springy complexion is what you desire.

The Basics

Creepy skin primarily results from damage to the skin from the sun and other environmental factors. Crepe Erase targets existing skin damage and prevents more from occurring.

Specifically, this line works by combining a bunch of different moisturizers and antioxidants to hydrate, tighten, and repair skin. This reduces the crepey appearance and saggy that adds years to your complexion, resulting in tighter, younger looking skin.

The Crepe Erase care regimen has two parts. First, it exfoliates to remove the damaged skin. After that, it hydrates and protects the newly revealed skin, ensuring that it remains looking healthy, firm, and smooth.

What it Includes

Crepe Erase is full of moisturizers and natural ingredients optimized to hydrate, protect, and smooth skin. It works to both counter the years of damage to your skin from the sun and general lifestyle choices while protecting against more occurring.

The key ingredient is a patented mixture of natural ingredients called the Trufirm Complex. This combines apple, dill, and sage to help maintain skin’s elasticity. Each of these ingredients is either a healing antioxidant or preventative element to prevent further skin damage from the sun or harmful free radicals. Specifically, apple supplements and reinforces the structure of the skin, dill focuses on the skin’s elasticity, and sage targets other signs of aging.

A critical factor in understanding what is in Crepe Erase and if it works is the fact that no independent testing exists to support their claims. This means that the combination of ingredients found in the Trufirm Complex may or may not be the most effective at preventing crepey skin.

Despite the lack of research for the Trufirm complex, many of the supporting ingredients are effective in reducing and preventing signs of aging. The other active ingredients list includes:

  • Vitamin E – increases the skin’s elasticity through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits
  • Cocoa Butter – naturally moisturizes
  • Coconut oil – hydrates the skin
  • Shea Butter – contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce signs of skin damage
  • Olive oil – targets sun damage using antioxidant properties
  • Hyaluronic acid – boosts collagen and elasticity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Olive fruit extract – conditions skin
  • Lactic acid – smooths skin and reduces the size of lines
  • Cotton Thistle extract – moisturizes and repairs skin

All in all, none of these ingredients are harmful. The reality is quite the opposite. Most are known to positively affect the health and youthful appearance of one’s face, neck, and body. However, the majority of them are extremely common. Outside of the Trufirm Complex, nothing sets Crepe Erase apart from any other generic, ordinary skincare or anti-aging systems on the market.

EDITOR'S TIP: Click here to substitute this product with a proven Anti Aging Cream such as LifeCell for better results.

How to use it

When purchasing from the manufacturer, Crepe Erase is available as one of two kits, either the essentials or the five-piece system. Regardless of the kit option you choose, this is a straightforward product line to use.

exfoliate in the water

First, wash your body, mainly focusing on your problem areas, with the Exfoliation Body Polish that acts as a smoothing pre-treatment for the rejuvenating, healing products to come. This body scrub dissolves dead skin cells to reveal the smoother, healthier skin underneath and prepare it for the next step of treatment.

Then, after drying off, apply the signature Advanced Body Treatment. This intensive body repair cream can be used on legs, arms, chest, neck, or face – anywhere you experience crepey skin. It is recommended that you apply the lotion in a circular motion working your way up the body. If you purchased the Crepe Erase essentials kit, you’re done with your skincare regimen and are ready to take on your day.

If you started using the five-piece system, you’ve got a few more steps. Here, the order of application doesn’t matter. As long as you hit every troubled area with its unique formula, you’re good to go! The remaining products in the five-piece process include:

  • The Anti-Aging Hand Repair Lotion
  • The Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment (to be used only before bed to target fine lines and wrinkles)
  • The Flaw Fix Eye Cream

If your lips, eyes, or face need extra healing attention, you may also purchase the Flaw Fix Crepey Lip, the Four-in-One Eye Renewal Capsules, the Facial Polish, or the Refining Facial Scrub. Each of these treatment products provides additional, body part specific support as you take efforts to reverse damages to your body and prevent any new problems from occurring.

Is it effective?

Skincare promises so often seem too good to be true — especially those primarily sold on TV. So, you might be asking yourself, does it work? Will Crepe Erase give you eyes like Jane Seymour or the skin of Dorothy Hamel, as the commercials claim?

We’ll be honest – we aren’t sure.

Unlike other well-known, proven skin care lines, there is no research to back up these claims. The products have not been tested in labs or had their findings evaluated by a neutral third party.

Additionally, there are incredibly mixed views across the internet. In fact, over half of the Crepe Erase feedback found online is negative. Critical video reviews on YouTube range from complaints about the challenging returns and cancellation policy to frustration at lack of results and suggestions that those who see improvements must have had plastic surgery. Others note that the creams are incredibly thick, clog pores that previously had no problems, and can stain clothes if you aren’t careful.

That said, most ingredients have been proven effective on their own.

Science shows time and again the power of extreme moisturization and an influx of antioxidants in combating signs of aging and crepey skin. Other than the exact formula used in the Trufirm Complex, each ingredient in the products is known to make your skin appear more healthy and younger, at least in some concentration or combination.

Some people see great results, with before and after pictures rivaling those you see on infomercials on TV. They experience the skin improvements that the manufacturers claimed would happen and then some. For them, the Crepe Erase skin care system is a dream come true.

If crepey skin is your only concern, without any worries about wrinkles or acne, then it could be worth it to try Crepe Erase now and test the effects for yourself.

However, there are many similar, cheaper products. For example, a daily moisturizer with a high SPF and hydrating, nourishing night cream that you apply to both your face and neck might be more effective. (Not so) surprisingly, many reviewers claimed generic products to be better than Crepe Erase.

If you’re in the market for a research-backed anti-aging product that does it all, we recommend choosing another one from this list we’ve compiled that will probably better meet your needs.

Where to find it

Determining the best place to buy these products and bypass the confusing, mixed reviews to try it for yourself, requires understanding a little backstory. One of the overwhelming complaints regarding this skincare line is the method of purchase. Knowing all of the loopholes and potential processes upfront will help ensure you are not going to feel like part of a scam or spend more money than necessary.

Crepe Erase is sold and produced by Guthy Renker, a California-based company known for selling products directly to customers through TV, website, or print advertisements. Guthy Renker has been around the skincare world since the 1990’s selling Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, and Sheer Cover makeup, among others. All of the company’s products include big-name celebrity endorsements. For these products, Jane Seymour and Dorothy Hamel tout the youth-giving, skin firming benefits they bring.

You can buy Crepe Erase products anywhere Guthy Renker is sold and more.

The line grew in popularity on QVC Home Shopping Network and remains available for purchase through that television channel. Similarly, it is available on the company websites or

Buying a Crepe Erase kit from the company sponsored infomercials or website ensures you receive the real product. It also includes a bonus gift, and generous 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the skincare regime. Right now, the free gift is the Four-in-One Eye Renewal Capsules.

However, purchasing directly from the company comes with a catch.

Products are only sold as 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year packages. So, unless you go through the cancellation process, you will be charged a fee monthly until your contract is complete. Many reviews expressed severe dissatisfaction with this process calling it a hassle at best and an outright scam at the worst. Some say customer service is neither reliable nor responsive.

Online retailers, like Amazon or eBay, also sell these crepey repair kits. Through these sites, you are only committed to the quantity you buy, without a subscription. Particularly, if you are not convinced whether this system is the ideal skin care program for your challenges and problem spots, these options might be better to save you money and long-term commitments up front.

Additionally, Crepe Erase products are available in most stores you would traditionally visit for your skin care needs. These include, but aren’t limited to, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or Ulta Beauty. How much it costs varies wildly depending on if you select a subscription directly through the company or find it at an independent retailer location.

All in all, if crepey skin is your only aging concern, then we suggest trying Crepe Erase. However, for most people hoping to reverse and prevent common signs of aging, including age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, in addition to crepey skin, this is not the best choice. In those cases, we recommend a more comprehensive, research-backed system that uses unique, more powerful ingredients.