Our Advanced Dermatology Review: Is It Really Worth It?

As we age, often caring for our skin becomes much more complicated. In our youth, we may have only to battle an occasional outbreak of acne. In our adult years, however, Father Time throws us a few curve balls.

Wrinkles, age spots, adult acne, blackheads… you name it, you will eventually have to deal with it. Then the trick becomes how to find the right set of products to tackle all those curve balls. Advanced Dermatology is one of those contenders claiming to help cure your skin woes…but does it? Let’s take a closer look in our Advanced Dermatology review.

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Brand Overview

Not much information can be found on Advanced Dermatology as a company, other than the fact that they seem to be a well-funded manufacturer of skin care products. Is this lack of information frustrating? You bet. It’s always nice to know as much as possible about what you’re using on your delicate skin. Could this be a red flag? Possibly, but not necessarily.

This relatively new skincare brand combats the effects of aging by working its magic beneath the skin. Advanced Dermatology nourishes skin from within, as opposed to other brands that only benefit the skin’s outer layer.

This anti-aging skin care system includes the following 5 products:

  • Healing Foam Cleanse
  • Super Youth Serum
  • Deep Wrinkle Firming Skin Quench
  • Overnight Resurrection
  • Daily Sun Defense

Every one of these products is designed to target a specific skin issue, but the complete system provides the best results when used together.

Moreover, every product sold by this company is made using plant-based ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, among other bioengineered epidermal growth elements that result in healthier skin. Proud to be paraben-free, Advanced Dermatology recommends using their kit to achieve more youthful and radiant skin without the need for expensive surgery or in-office dermatology treatments.

This system contains cleansers, serums, and creams. Each targets a different area pertaining to anti-aging. We’ll give a brief description of every product a little later, but we’d like to mention that based on our research, this brand has many ingredients clinically proven to deliver anti-aging benefits.

Product and claims

According to the product website:

Inspired by our deep dermatological expertise, Advanced Dermatology creates a comprehensive skin care system that deeply regenerates skin and gives you a second chance. It’s a real “Cosmetic Surgery” alternative that helps regenerate skin cells at the deepest layer of the dermis so the skin can “lift” itself from within. It turns on the cells that are responsible for collagen production and shuts down the enzyme that breaks down collagen.

The result: All signs of age, even the deepest wrinkles appear less visible. Facial contours are lifted and more youthfully defined. Lost volume is visibly restored.

From day one Advanced Dermatology lifts away past damage and aging to unveil perfect looking skin. Over time, your skin transforms to look younger, firmer and more lifted. This anti-aging phenomenon naturally fills in and smooth out wrinkles from within! Past damage succumbs to flawless, glowing skin. Each scientifically advanced product within this kit works in combination, lifting away past damage to unveil flawless, glowing skin – while continuously working to defend against future damage and aging.

Advanced Dermatology is a proven, powerful anti-aging system containing five revolutionary products: Deep Wrinkle Firming Skin Quench, Overnight Resurrection, Super Youth Serum, Healing Foam Cleanse and Daily Sun Defense. Individually, each product targets a specific skin damage issue – used together, they deliver unmatched results.

Just like their name suggests, this kit is designed to go above and beyond basic skincare. It’s an advanced system for rejuvenation that boosts the production of collagen and utilizes natural antioxidants to cleanse the skin. It claims to reverse the effects of aging inside out, making it no surprise this has become such a popular skin care product.

Advanced Dermatology claims to do the following:

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Evens skin tone
  • Creates firmer skin
  • Minimizes dark under eye circles
  • Reduces under eye puffiness
  • Strengthens skin

In addition to their claims, this brand offers buyers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you don’t absolutely love a product within 30 days, you can return it for a full refund.


We were very frustrated with the search for ingredients in the line of products. A specific list for each product was not only not found on their website, but could not be located on any site, it seems. We scoured the Advanced Dermatology reviews, but to no avail.

Is this a red flag for potential consumers? It should be. One of the most visible, most transparent aspects of any skin care product should be the list of ingredients. Here’s the most information we could find, on the official website:


-Age Antagonist Biomimetic Peptides, Stem Cells and Growth Factors work in combination to help naturally boost collagen, elastin and keratin.

– Bio-Concentrated Antioxidants and Vitamins work as a protective field to help neutralize free radicals and protect skin from environmental oxidation.

– Fluorocarbons provide BOTOX like improvement of fine line and wrinkles by refreshing cellular metabolism.

– A revolutionary, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that contains smaller polymers which allow for better skin penetration. This incredibly powerful natural filler smooths, hydrates and protects the skin.

– Oligosaccharides, Phospholipids Lipids and Polysaccharides deeply hydrate, nourish and protect the face.

– Encapsulated Retinaldehyde (Better than Rx strength Retinol without the irritation) and other brightening ingredients join forces to reverse uneven skin tone and fight discolouration.

– And 20+ cutting-edge anti-aging ingredients that help bolster the skin’s defense against future damage aging.

EDITOR'S TIP: Click here to substitute this product with a proven Anti Aging Cream such as LifeCell for better results.

Application and Regimen Recommendations

As found on the official website:


The regimen begins with this foaming cleanser that provides the deepest clean without stripping cells of vital moisture. Gently heals sensitivities triggered by environmental elements while stimulating cell regeneration – supporting the structural integrity of your skin’s cells for a vibrant, healthy complexion.


Think of it as a super hydrating lightweight, yet powerful free-radical fighter that reawakens the skin’s natural antioxidant network to help prevent future damage and aging. Just a few drops protects against moisture loss while promoting deep tissue repair. This innovative formulation erases signs of environmental damage and aging, while plumping, firming and repairing. Skin is left flawless, luminous and super soft.


This super firming moisturizer repairs and rebuilds collagen, elastin and essential proteins to reclaim the skin’s youthful appearance. Replenishing moisture while strengthening and firming, skin is renewed and visibly lifted to look its radiant best.


This clinically fortified treatment targets damage caused by daily stressors while boosting cell renewal to reduce the appearance of deep creases and skin imperfections – all while you sleep. Supercharged with retinaldehyde, wrinkles and discolouration are visibly reduced; skin is smoother, more luminous and noticeably younger.


A silky, fragrant sunscreen providing long lasting, broad-spectrum coverage while protecting the skin from future damage and aging. A select blend of active ingredients provides full-spectrum sun protection by absorbing and blocking UVA/UVB rays while preventing moisture loss, keeping the skin hydrated.

Also available on the website was an optional Youthful Boost Eye Gel:

Advanced formulation of tetrapeptides and plant extracts promotes collagen production, counteracts inflammation and increases circulation. Deep tissue regeneration firms, smoothes and plumps eye tissue. Eye tissue is strengthened while bags, dark circles, crow’s feet and glabella lines are dramatically reduced. Provides immediate results with long lasting effects.

What about other Reviews

Here too, we had a difficult time producing a wide range of reviews. In fact, the only reviews we could really find were those included on the official website, and those on TheDermReview.com.

Most were all very positive. Consumers claim to see visible results on conditions such as wrinkles, acne, and blackheads. Age spots and other hyperpigmentation were seen to diminish for some consumers, but not all. Across the board, price was mentioned, as the full system can cost upwards of $200. But, for those consumers who purchased the system, results seemed promising.


Does It Work?

We’re near the end of our Advanced Dermatology review, leaving us with one final question: Does the Advanced Dermatology kit really work?

Just like most products, achieving amazing results depends on your skincare needs and beauty goals. Many users of this kit have found it really works, while others don’t recommend it. So, who is this product for? We noticed that it’s a great option for the following people:

  • Individuals looking for a paraben-free skincare product
  • People with sensitive skin (this kit uses lighter substitutes that are gentler on skin)
  • Users with normal to oily skin tend to have better results
  • Those in need of an affordable skincare kit

A great advantage of this line is it includes many different products, making it simple to find one that works for you. For instance, some people like wearing their skincare products at night, while others prefer to wear it underneath their foundation during the day. Others prefer to use products first thing in the morning because it moisturizes their face.

Whatever your preference, Advanced Dermatology reviews tend to come to a similar conclusion – this brand has the right products to fit your skincare routine easily. But before diving in and purchasing this set, we recommend you do a little bit of research on your skin type (dry, oily, or combination) to see if this brand is right for you.

Where to Buy

As you’ll notice with the Advanced Dermatology reviews, there are a few places you can purchase this product. Because it’s new, you won’t be able to find it in major retail stores like Sephora or Ulta. Your best bet is to buy it online, whether it be on their official website or through other sellers like Amazon or eBay.

An advantage of buying from Amazon or eBay is that you’ll be able to purchase products individually. If you purchase directly from the brand, you must buy the whole kit. Keep in mind that Advanced Dermatology recommends using all products for the best results.

After reading our Advanced Dermatology review, if you decide that this brand isn’t quite for you, know that there are other kits to consider. We recommend LifeCell as an alternative, as this has proven to be an excellent option when looking for an anti-aging product. If interested, you can find the review right here on our site.


The Advanced Dermatology system itself is presented and explained logically on the website, and we like the fact that so many common skin conditions could be targeted. Of course, if price is a concern, that would indeed be a consideration with the Advanced Dermatology system.

Overall, we were disappointed by not only the lack of information on the company and the ingredients, but the lack of broad-ranging reviews found. Unless you know someone who was helped by this system first hand, you might be wise to either contact the company with specific questions before you buy…or simply look to other skin care systems to solve your skin woes.

Our experienced team of reviewers compared some of the most popular anti-aging face creams and found that XYZ Smart Collagen is the best option available today. It offers a unique combination of collagen-boosting ingredients to soften skin while improving elasticity and eliminating signs of aging. The ingredients also work to soothe skin, preventing breakouts and sores.

XYZ Smart Collagen is all-natural and vegan, so users can feel confident that they’re minimizing their environmental impact while looking their best. To learn more about the benefits of XYZ Smart Collagen and how it can help you look better than ever, visit this link.

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