Our Strivectin SD Review – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

What do wrinkles and stretch marks have in common? Quite a few things, when you really think about it. 

First, they’re both two of the most despised skin conditions one can experience. 

People go to great efforts and expenses to prevent and remove these body blemishes. They’ll apply creams, do exercises, wear products, and even undergo invasive surgery. All for the sake of smooth skin! 

Second, treatment for both involves plumping the skin to make it more even. 

Until writing this article, I hadn’t really considered that fact. Wrinkles and stretch marks are basically the same thing in different locations and with unique causes. 

So, since these two afflictions are so very similar, it makes sense that treatment of the symptoms could be accomplished with the same product.

Strivectin SD was formulated to get rid of stretch marks over ten years ago. Today, however, people are finding other uses for the product, as well. It seems to have a positive effect on facial fine lines and wrinkles.

Did that idea just blow your mind as much as it did mine? 

Let’s look together at this magic product, understand how it works, and determine if it truly is an effective option for treating two of our most hated skin conditions, stretch marks and wrinkles.

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Why are consumers so interested in this product?

Since it has crossed the gap between stretch mark eliminator to wrinkle reducer, people are naturally more interested in the product. And who can blame them? Our skincare routines are already long and intensive just to keep up. Then, we’ve got to add in the extra work to take care of these new, hard to treat problems that arise. Wanting one product that works for more than one challenge seems like a dream come true.   

As would be expected, the manufacturers have taken advantage of this interest and the versatile nature of their signature product. They highlight the number of innovative approaches that one can take to get the most bang for your buck with this magic cream. 

It’s tempting to look at these wide-reaching marketing efforts as a ploy to generate extra dollars for the company from the product. You know what they say about situations that seem too good to be true. They usually are. 

Is that the case here?

We were curious ourselves and we thought you might be too. To save you the time and effort of the research and testing, we’ve created a more impartial review of Strivectin SD than you can find on the manufacturer website.

Not only did we look into the company and active ingredients, but we also tried it out on our own imperfections. Sit back and read on while we let you know what we discovered.

Does it really work as well as the claims?

Overall, the answer to our question is mixed. It does do some of what the company boasts it can, but not all of it. Let us explain. 

The most impressive results from this product come from its ability to dull age lines. However, that wasn’t what it was originally formulated to do. Regardless, it does a great job at plumping up your face and reducing the visibility of your wrinkles. 

That said, the job it does on stretch marks isn’t as remarkable and leaves a lot to be desired. If stretch mark reduction is your only goal with this cream, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

One of the other common claims you hear from this company is that it presents a valid replacement for Botox injections. This is simply not true. People use Botox for a myriad of reasons, not just to smooth out their faces. If, and only if, you were considering injections for your age lines, then this is worth trying first. However, if you’re researching Botox for medical reasons, do it. This product will not add to your symptom relief or cure.

How Does It Work?

Strivectin is a topical solution, and you will rub it into wrinkled areas or areas with stretch marks. Doing so twice a day for several weeks will purportedly give you a good start at getting rid of stretch marks and wrinkles. The means by which it works is by promoting regeneration at the cellular level, to aid in the elimination of stretch marks, scars and wrinkles.

What makes this product different from other stretch mark products?

This product uses an active ingredient that the manufacturer calls “PAL-KTTS“. Originally made in France, this component is only found in Strivectin SD in the United States. PAL-KTTS is designed to help in enhancing skin proteins to boost skin health and overall elasticity. It has worked for some consumers, but not for all.

This isn’t particularly unusual, though. Many ground-breaking products won’t have the same effects on everyone who use them.

But all products formulated to eliminate your stretch marks add vital proteins to your skin. So that original PAL-KTTS compound isn’t as unique as we first thought.

Before - After Strivectin SD

What are the pros?

Strivectin SD has been found to noticeably reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you’ve researched skin care products at all, you know that reducing wrinkles is hard. Scientists struggle to find the right ingredients and formulas to make it happen. So, especially if you’re in the market for anti-aging products, this is a huge deal. Anything to keep the fine lines from becoming deep troughs across my face is welcome in my medicine cabinet.

In fact, it’s a bit more successful with wrinkles than it is with stretch marks. We agree that this is slightly odd, since that’s what it was originally formulated to fix and the primary focus of their current marketing efforts. (Yes, we just answered the question you didn’t actually ask, but were thinking). 

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What are the cons?

For us, the biggest negative to this product is the high price tag. The cost to purchase is very prohibitive for the typical consumer. 

For their price, you should expect to walk away with a product that is noticeably better than most other stretch mark creams on the market. However, in this instance, that’s not the case. You spend a lot of money for a mediocre cream at best. 

Although it shows some promise with wrinkles, it just doesn’t seem to have as dramatic an effect on stretch marks.

Side Effects?

The active ingredients in Strivectin SD can cause your skin to become irritated. If you use it on your face, note that when used there, it has caused skin redness, rashes, and mild headaches.

Some of the ingredients also cause allergic reactions. You’ll find that if you use the product for a prolonged time period, you may experience more side effects.

Woman checking her irritated facial skin

What does an actual user think?

By SonoraGarden, Arizona… at Ulta.com

Even with the years of intense publicity I never paid any attention to Strivectin products because I’d glance at their price tags and run away. After I read that this contains Myristyl Nicotinate, I decided I had to purchase a tube, and I fervently hoped I wasn’t wasting good money. For years I’ve used a cream sold in a dermatologist’s office that contains Myristyl Nicotinate, so I know it helps my skin. I expected Strivectin SD to be a heavy, greasy, typical “anti-wrinkle” cream, but I was in for a great surprise.

This cream is light, it absorbs easily, and it feels soothing and incredibly refreshing. It’s a perk-up in the morning and a calmer at night! On the morning after the first night I used this, I thought my face looked…perky. My eyes had no swelling beneath them, and my skin looked kind of invigorated. I thought maybe the reaction was psychosomatic. So I tried the 1/2 face test, and I tried alternating with other products. Now I’m sure that when Strivectin SD is on my skin, my skin looks more toned, has more color, and seems to feel springier. I think this can help lighten dark spots on its own, but I liked this cream so much I decided to spring for the Strivectin EV Brightening Serum. I like it, but the Strivectin SD is the stand-out product for me. I’m so impressed with it, I bought a tube for my mother. It turns out, the price is actually quite reasonable, because this comes in a 4 oz tube, as opposed to the usual 1 oz packaging of other products. I have oily skin, so I appreciate that this isn’t heavy, but people with dry skin (like my mother) may need to either add moisturizer on top, or find a more moisturizing Strivectin cream. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

What’s our conclusion?

Even though Strivectin SD is supposed to work as an anti-aging product as well as a stretch mark remover, the side effects made it less attractive a product for us to use. There are other products available at lower prices that also provide better results.

If we’re going to invest our money and energy in a product, we want it to work well. As much as I hate stretch marks and wrinkles, I’d rather have them than spend my hard earned cash on a lotion that causes an allergic reaction or irritation. 

Wouldn’t you agree? 

For that reason, we’d recommend looking at another of the other stretch mark products available today can reduce the appearance of stretch marks more effectively than this formula. We think that you’ll be more pleasantly surprised with the results of one of the more effective options on our best stretch mark creams list.

There are lotions that do the work without any of the negatives. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re searching for in a stretch mark or anti-wrinkle product.

Rating: 4 stars !

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