XYZ Smart Collagen Review—The Best Cream for Youthful Skin?

When you think of healthy, beautiful skin, what comes to mind? A wrinkle-free forehead? A glowing complexion? Clean and clear pores?

Wrinkles and blemishes are an unfortunate part of getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them forever. A good skincare routine and an anti-aging cream like XYZ Smart Collagen can help.

Anti-aging creams tighten up the skin in places you’d typically see wrinkles as you age—but how do they do that? Our XYZ Smart Collagen review will show you just how smart this product is, and how it can work for your skin.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that supports your skin, muscle, and tissue. In fact, there’s more of it in your body than any other protein—and your body creates it on its own. When you think of young, firm skin, you may not realize that collagen is responsible for that healthy complexion.

Like many other aspects of our bodies, collagen production slows as we age. That means that, while we don’t stop producing it altogether, the protein breaks down faster than our bodies can replenish it.

That’s when you start to notice the wrinkles around your eyes, the stiffness in your joints, and other problems commonly associated with age. Some people take collagen supplements while others increase their intake of collagen-rich foods, like bone broth, chicken, eggs, and other protein-rich foods.

When it comes to your skin, though, sometimes you need a little extra boost. That’s where anti-aging products like XYZ Smart Collagen can help. They’re designed to go straight to the source and restore your skin’s elasticity as part of your daily skincare routine.

Where Does XYZ Smart Collagen Come In?

XYZ Smart Collagen is a luxe anti-aging cream made by Wolfson Berg Limited. You can only buy it online, and it only comes in one 60mL size.

This cream is designed to reduce wrinkles, but it’s not just meant to make you look younger. It lifts your skin and increases your body’s natural collagen production, which means it works with your body, instead of just putting something in it.

When aging disrupts the balance of collagen production and breakdown, it also interrupts the network of tissues in the dermis, otherwise known as the top layer of your skin.

XYZ Smart Collagen helps your skin maintain a better balance between collagen production and its breakdown and restores the makeup of your skin.

It also reduces stretch marks, allowing your skin to repair and smooth itself by producing more collagen. It makes your skin firmer and improves its overall texture, so when you look in the mirror, you’ll notice the return of that healthy glow.

XYZ Smart Collagen claims to work wonders on your skin within 12 weeks using natural ingredients only. Have we mentioned it’s 100% vegan? This product is excellent for people who want to improve the look and feel of their skin without harming animals or the environment.

How Does it Work?

XYZ Smart Collagen gives you something other anti-aging products can’t. While others produce weak collagen that doesn’t hold up over time, this product’s active ingredient takes skincare and younger-looking skin to the next level. After all, if you’re going to invest in your skin, you want the benefits to last.

Most anti-aging creams use transforming growth factor-beta (TGFB) to increase collagen production—and that works, if you’re okay with short term solutions. TGFB does help your body produce collagen, but the problem is, it’s not high-quality collagen.

TGFB activates cells called fibroblasts and leukotrienes, both of which ramp up collagen production. However, without elastin to keep it in place, it doesn’t actually reform the structure of your skin. You’ll probably see some results, but it will be about half of what you can get with a product like XYZ Smart Collagen.

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XYZ Smart Collagen’s active ingredient is the sap from a South African plant called Bulbine frutescens. This sap works differently by not only triggering more collagen production but slowing the breakdown of existing collagen. In other words, it creates a better balance by working on both ends of the process.

The sap prevents the uncontrolled collagen production you see with TGFB anti-aging products because it only stimulates the fibroblasts. Where the leukotrienes kick production into overdrive, this sap makes sure that doesn’t happen. The balance created means that you’re not only getting more collagen, but the collagen your body produces is the best it can be.

If you want to try this incredible product for yourself, visit the XYZ Smart Collagen website where you can purchase it and see how it works for your skin.

What’s in It?

XYZ Smart Collagen ingredients are all-natural, organic, and vegan. They list only three ingredients in their formula, which tells you that they’re focused as much on simplicity as effectiveness.

XYZ Smart Collagen contains:

  • Bulbine frutescens: Bulbine frutescens sap is the active ingredient in this product. It triggers the production of collagen and simultaneously slows its breakdown.
  • Acetylated Polymannose (APM): APM is one half of the process in the XYZ formula. It stimulates fibroblasts and helps create high-quality collagen to smooth and tighten your skin.
  • Knipholone: Knipholone slows the leukotrienes, which means collagen breakdown also slows and prevents collagen production from getting out of control.

These ingredients, especially Bulbine frutescens, are also known to have positive effects on other skin conditions. They can heal blemishes and sores, cracked skin on hands and feet, bug bites, and rashes. While XYZ Smart Collagen is intended for restoring your skin’s elasticity, it can have other benefits, too.

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XYZ Smart Collagen doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. When the manufacturer extracts the sap from the plant’s leaves, they use a cold-press method, as opposed to using blades. This allows them to get more sap from the plants and reduce damage from exposure to air and heat.

The company uses Nagoya and Nature compliant methods and all their ingredients and are Ecocert and Cosmos listed. They also don’t use palm oil or mineral oil—you can trust their products come from sustainable, eco-friendly sources.

How Do You Use It?

XYZ Smart Collagen application is simple, straightforward, and convenient. You’ll have no problem adding the anti-aging cream to your daily skincare regimen.

Before you apply the cream, be sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly. You want clear pores that will absorb the cream quickly, without having to bypass layers of grime that have accumulated during the day or while you were asleep. It’s best to apply this cream twice a day—once in the morning and again at night.

Apply the cream over your face and neck. Be gentle, though. There’s no need for rough strokes that redden your skin. Smooth, upward strokes will allow the cream to spread evenly, so all areas get equal exposure. You don’t want some parts of your face to be wrinkly while the rest get smooth and firm.

Be careful around your eyes, and take extra precautions not to touch your tear ducts with the cream. While it does contain only natural ingredients and is unlikely to harm your eyes, if you accidentally make contact, you should wash it out of your eyes right away.

If you want even better results, use sunscreen each morning before you leave the house. The sun speeds up the aging process and can reverse any benefits from XYZ Smart Collagen, so to stay on the safe side, make sure you protect your skin in other ways.

Does it Really Work?

Most people who have used XYZ Smart Collagen find that it delivers the promised results. The company claims that their product gives you smoother, younger-looking skin in 84 days—that’s about three months. They also say that you can look up to 7.5 years younger by using it.

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The company conducted a study with 21 women who used their product every day as directed. After measuring their progress after 42 days, they saw visible results that only improved after the 84-day mark—but what about women outside of this study, who bought and tried the product for themselves?

Many customers find that the cream does work the way it’s supposed to. Their wrinkles tighten up, and their skin is more elastic. Some customers even claim to have seen a difference after just three weeks—less than a third of the time that the company claims it takes to see results.

Reviews say these customers have softer skin, though your skin type may make a difference in your results. Some people say their skin was less dry while others say their skin was dryer. One customer said the scent of the cream was too strong to use, but most people didn’t seem bothered by it.

Those who said they didn’t see results also mentioned that they didn’t use the cream as directed. They didn’t use it every day, or they misunderstood the instructions, which automatically makes the cream less effective.

People of all ages use this cream, too. There were reviews from customers ranging in age from their mid-40s to 93 years old. All of them claim to feel their skin firming, their wrinkles lessening, and are overall happy with the product.

Where Can You Buy It?

When it comes to where to buy XYZ Smart Collagen, you can only get it on the company’s website. It’s pricey, but from what customers say, it’s worth it.

Just to be sure, we tried searching for it elsewhere online, but we couldn’t find XYZ Smart Collagen on Amazon or any other online retailer. If you see it on any other website, you may not be purchasing a legitimate product, so stick to the one from the official website.

The company does offer free delivery on all US orders, perhaps to make up for the high price point.

If you’re convinced you need to try this anti-aging cream (and we don’t blame you—we think it’s great too), head over to their website to add it to your cart.

Is XYZ Smart Collagen the Best You Can Get?

XYZ Smart Collagen stands out among anti-aging, collagen-producing, youth-bringing creams on the market. Its unique, natural, and vegan ingredients give you results you can’t get with TGFB creams that only take the process halfway.

Many people have tried it and can attest to its benefits, both short and long term. All you need is a low maintenance daily routine to show your wrinkles who’s boss. Plus, if you’ve got other skin problems, like breakouts or sores, this product may soothe them, too. If you’re looking for an anti-aging cream that not only produces collagen but maximizes its benefit to the look and feel of your skin, you need XYZ Smart Collagen. Visit the XYZ Smart Collagen website now to place your first order and see what a difference it can make for your skin.