Meladerm Review – Is This Lesser-known Skin Lightening Cream a Diamond in the Rough?

There are so many skin lighteners available today that some good products are not getting the publicity that perhaps they should. We thought that might be the case with Meladerm cream.

Meladerm performs in roughly the same way as some of the names you hear more often, and it works exceptionally well on aging skin, including age spots. We should note here that Meladerm Cream was not created to whiten your skin. It was designed to help in reducing age spots, scars, and melasma.

We decided to review Meladerm cream for ourselves. Keep scrolling if you’re like us and you might want to know more about it before you try it.

Also, are you curious about how does it rank in our list of the best creams? Keep on reading, and you will find your answer =)

What’s in The Cream?

Most people using skin lighteners probably don’t even know the active ingredients in Meladerm Cream, let alone how they work. Don’t let that be you! Keep reading for the full scoop.

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There are 17 ingredients found in the Meladerm Cream. You’ll likely notice that some of them will be familiar, since other product names use them, as well. Despite the similar building blocks used to create the lightening cream, Meladerm still seems to work a bit differently than some of those other products.

The main ingredient in the Meladerm Cream would be Alpha Arbutin. This compound works by effectively blocking the production of melanin in the skin, which gives it color. Alpha Arbutin is among the most effective skin lighteners on the market today.

The Meladerm Cream also uses Tego Cosmo C, which seems to work more naturally to reduce melasma signs. The fact that it’s derived from plants makes it more comfortable when you use it than artificial products that can dry your skin or leave behind redness.

Meladerm Cream Before After

Gigawhite is the next most effective ingredient found in Meladerm Cream. It’s derived from plants located mainly in the Swiss Alps. Gigawhite quickly grew in popularity over recent years because of its ability to produce the same type of results as hydroquinone. If you don’t remember, hydroquinone was the most popular skin lightening product on the market until it was revoked by the FDA because it may cause cancer. Since Gigawhite is natural, it’s much safer than many other ingredients.

So what did we find when we compared it to other products?

We found that Meladerm cream is indeed competitive with other reviewed products, including Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector and Xtreme Bright Gel. As far as cost, The Meladerm cream is less expensive than many other products that perform in much the same way.

DermaPure Skin Lightener is also better known than the Meladerm cream. But where Meladerm uses many natural ingredients, many of the ingredients in DermaPure are known to be harmful, human-made chemicals. Even so, they are not any more effective than the natural mixture of Meladerm cream. We always recommend choosing natural products, when possible.

Meladerm was released after the favorite skin lightener Revitol. It’s interesting to notice that Meladerm developers used the experience of Revitol users to create a product that uses additional ingredients to lighten skin effectively.

How do you purchase?

You can find private sellers for this Meladerm cream. Keep in mind that if you buy from them, you must be sure that they offer the same 30-day Money Back Guarantee that the company gives when you buy it directly from them.

If you don’t see satisfactory results, you can get your money back from the company. For that reason, we recommend purchasing Meladerm directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Here are some reviews by actual users

The customer reviews for this product are glowing across the internet. It’s hard to find anyone unhappy with this lightening cream or company. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the words of real users below.

Outstanding Product!

I’ve been using Meladerm for 2 months now and it definitely does what it says it’s going to do. I had hyper pigmentation face and on my nose I had some melasma; well let me tell you I’ve spent quite a bit of money on all sorts of expensive products and this one was the one that has put my face back in the map. Meladerm is a cream that you definitely need to have patience and you need to use it as directed. You must stick with it and trust me you will see results if you stick with it and follow the instructions as directed. At first I was honestly hesitant, extremely skeptical – thinking this is just another cream that says it will remove your melasma, or pigmention or age spots, but honestly I was wrong. This is truly an amazing cream and have decided to add it to my daily regimen. I am purchasing another 2 bottles. Definitely worth the money!

Review by Barbara

Miracle Cream!!! My saviour …

For anti-aging purposes, I stupidly went back to Obagi Nu Derm system last year, after spending thousands of pounds £, my face was completely ruined with big dark patches on both cheeks despite using factor 100 sunscreen religiously! (The Obagi only works if you stay out of the sun completely, at least that is my experience, I have got light/medium skin tone.). I started using Meladerm along its AXA serum in Jul 2019, merely two months later, my face is 95% recovered!!! What a miracle cream …

Review by A very satisfied customer

What’s Our Evaluation

We say, if you’re suffering from skin challenges that would benefit from a lightening cream, don’t delay and purchase this today! 

Our favorite characteristic of this product is the fact that Meladerm cream has a lot of natural ingredients. We especially liked that these safe elements combine to perform even better when compared to other brands that use more chemical mixtures. Any time you can get a natural product, it’s worth a try.

In this instance, it’s an attempt you won’t regret since you are purchasing an effective lightening cream. You can’t lose with Meladerm, especially since you get your money back if it doesn’t work.

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