How to Get Rid of Frown Lines Using These 5 Fail Safe Ways

How do you get rid of these fine lines and wrinkles?One of my biggest skin concerns is fine lines and wrinkles. They haunt me. I don’t have them all that bad, but they’re far from great. I guess as I age, they will too.

So, to ease my mind and to try and sort them out, I’ve started to take action. From the title of this one, I’m sure you’ll know that it’s the frown lines (or 11 lines, as they’re affectionately known) that get me the most.

Not only are they the worst ones that I have, but they seem to be getting worse. I have a feeling it’ll be something to do with how I react to life on a daily basis. If the weather’s nice, I’ll squint and if something’s sad or funny, my face will follow suit.

I guess you can say that I only have myself to blame. But I did read once that a life well lived shows – and that sounds true to me. A life without lines does sound a little boring, doesn’t it?

Now, to try and remedy my little problem, I’ve been trialing and testing a few different things. I’ve been quite curious along the way and wanted to give a few different things a go, so I did. And here are the top 5 ways I’ve found on how to get rid of frown lines.

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This one sounds a little obvious, but it’s probably the most important of all. Skin without moisture becomes dry and has a tendency to sag – hence the lines. Skin that’s hydrated and is full of moisture stays supple, plump and full of lines. The latter usually has fewer lines too.

So I’ve been using two different moisturizers – a lighter one for the day and a thicker, more intense cream for night. The brand you use can depend on your skin type and how much moisture you think you might need, but the point is – you do need it, especially between the brows.

For frown lines to get better, they need to be moisturized from the inside out. This also means you’ll need to up your water intake. You may not like the sound of this one, especially if you’re not the biggest fan of water, but it really does work. Water keeps your skin moisturized, plump and healthy – healthy skin is happy skin (which is also likely to stay frown line free).


As much as I’d love to be telling you to go and have a lovely relaxing massage here, I’m not. It will probably do the rest of your body some good, but to target those frown lines, you really do need to focus purely on them. Massaging between the brows will not only get the blood flowing but it will encourage the skin to plump up a little – reducing the appearance of lines.

It won’t take you long and can even be done as a part of your nighttime beauty regime or perhaps before you go to bed. By massaging the skin here, you’ll also be allowing yourself to relax and encouraging the muscles not to be so tense. You’d be surprised by the way in which our muscles can stay tense and encourage them to appear.


They always say prevention is better than cure and it couldn’t be more true. So, if you’re yet to develop 11 lines and are looking to find ways in which you can stop them, this will be the one for you. Likewise, even if you already have them, you can stop them from getting worse – and here’s how.

Cover up. It sounds silly, but it’s true. If you cover the skin, it can stay a lot more wrinkle free. Sun damage counts for a high percentage of wrinkle formation, which means it can be prevented.

Always make sure to wear an SPF just to be sure. By doing so, you’re keeping your skin protected every time you’re exposed to the sun, even if you’re just walking across the street to the shops – any time you’re in direct sunlight, your skin is at risk of wrinkling.

It’s the same for your expressions. On sunnier days or even the days when it’s just a bit bright and you instantly want to squint, wear sunglasses. Not only will they protect your eyes and also cover that delicate skin around the eyes (thus reducing the risk of sun damage some more), they’ll also stop you from squinting. This way, you’ll be stopping natural formations of lines too.


Keeping the skin clear and healthy with an exfoliate routine can also really help. When the skin gets tired, it shows – no more so than when it’s dry. Dry skin cells can clog the skin after shedding, so exfoliating is such an important part of your beauty routine and one of the top tips on how to get rid of frown lines.

Depending on your skin type, you might want something that focuses more on a light, foaming exfoliation or something a little more firm. Either way, by introducing this step once or twice a week, you’ll be encouraging healthy cell regrowth, which can also plump out those dreaded frown lines.


We’ve already said that healthy skin is happy skin and it really is. By making sure that you’re getting the essential vitamins into your skin, you’ll be doing the best that you can to keep it youthful for longer.

Vitamin A (especially in the form of Retinol) is the skin’s best friend when it comes to anti-aging and reducing lines. It works well to plump the skin and keep it hydrated as well as collagen production going. When our skin is full of collagen, it’s harder for wrinkles to develop – but unfortunately, production slows as we age, so any boost we can give it is always good.

But don’t forget Vitamin’s C & E as happy helpers too – they’ll also bring moisture and life back into your skin and transform your radiance levels.

Now that you know how I’ve been doing it, I’d love to know if it’s working for you too – I bet we’ll be able to beat these frown lines together!

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