Our Elite Serum Review: Is it a Winner Among Under Eye Creams?

Elite Serum ReviewsUPDATE 12/20/13: Elite Serum has now been discontinued by Skin Pro. Their new and improved product is called Elite Serum RX. Guess what? Our Elite Serum RX review is already online :)

We’ve noticed that Elite Serum is a very popular product for treating under eye skin these days, we decided to write up an elite serum review. We thought you’d probably like to know more about it, too. So we’re going to break down all the pertinent information and let you know what we think of the product…

What is Elite Serum designed to do?

Eye serums available today all target the same main areas of problem skin under the eyes – deeper wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Many of the best-selling products on the market right now use the same basic technology, but Elite Serum has added Argireline, which they say gives you results similar to Botox without the injections.

Studies of Argireline show that it does indeed have a quick effect on the muscles of your face. It creates a situation where those muscles must contract, a lot like those Botox injections would do. It does take longer to see results than with Botox, though.

Argireline is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, to begin the muscle reaction. It prevents the normal relaxation of your facial muscles, forcing them to stay contracted. This will work to flatten out wrinkles.

What other ingredients does Elite Serum use?

The other ingredients found in Elite Serum are quite similar to those found in other under eye creams. The Argireline makes the product a stand-out, but each of these other ingredients also plays a part in the overall working of the product.

Matrixyl™3000 is an ingredient than many formulas of under eye creams use. It is valuable as a wrinkle reducer. This ingredient deceives your body to produce more collagen. That makes your skin appear younger, since you lose collagen as you age. Collagen is also a necessary component for the production of healthy skin cells.

Eyeliss, for its part, works at strengthening your facial capillaries and this reduces your chances of capillary breakage. Otherwise, when this occurs under your eyes, you are left with dark circles and puffiness.

Elite SerumHaloxyl is not to be left out. It is helpful in reducing puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. It drains away some of the excess fluid that may otherwise build up beneath your eyes, giving them that puffy look. Haloxyl also removes many toxins that can cause the breakage of capillaries. Those breaks leak blood, which gives your under eye circles their dark look.

Elite Serum also added other helpful ingredients, including natural moisturizing agents that help to counteract the other ingredients’ tendencies to dry out your skin.

What did we like best about Elite Serum?

When we studied and used the product, we tallied many ingredients, including most every one that other eye solutions use now, or have used in the recent past. Only the ingredients that were helpful have been retained for this formula.

We really like their addition of Argireline, since it acts so much like Botox without the pain of injections and the fear of having botulism toxin injected into your facial skin and muscles. There isn’t another skin care product on the market now that uses Argireline as effectively as Elite Serum does.

We also can appreciate the need for the moisturizing ingredients included in Elite Serum. The active ingredients in under eye creams do tend to dry out the skin, so it’s very beneficial to counteract that with natural ingredients that rehydrate your skin. Whether you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin, it does need hydration to remain healthy.

The end results are the most important facet of any under eye cream, and that’s why we rate Elite Serum so highly. We have seen some results that are nothing short of amazing.

Are there things we dislike about Elite Serum?

There is always some area where products can improve, and for Elite Serum it has to be the price. $89.95 is a stiff price to pay for defeating under eye circles, although if you have tried many products in the past, you’ve probably spent way more than that.

Elite Serum is among the highest priced skin treatments available, but if you have the same types of results that we’ve seen, you’ll probably think that the product is worth the price.

Are there any ways to get Elite Serum at lower prices?

Actually, yes. You can join their replenishment program, which costs $59.95. That will include shipments of new product every month and a half, also at $59.95. You can cancel these shipments anytime you like, so it’s a cheaper way to try the product for the first time.

What do actual users say?

This is the one any only eye product you will ever want or need

I am in love. I love elite eye serum because it works. The product claim to “reduce dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and crows feet” is absolutely true. While I do not have dark circles, I had puffy eyes, lines and crows feet. With elite eye serum, I do not have these issus any more. I was amazed to see my puffiness start to disappear in a few days. My fine lines and crows feet started to lessen within a week. Everyone is starting to notice that I look younger. I have recieved so many compliments. I tell them that I owe it all to Elite Eye Serum. I have referred so many people I should see if they have a referral bonus. All kidding aside, I highly recommend this product. I know you will be satisfied with the results. I am!
– Kim, USA

I’m seriously pumped about this product. I’ve tried a lot of different remedies for these dark circles under my eyes. Concealers to cucumbers- nothing worked! I was getting really fed up until my coworker introduced me to Elite Eye Serum. I was hesitant because I’ve tried so many other brands that failed to work, but I gave it a try anyway. Wow, I’m happy I did because after a few days of using the cream I saw phenomenal results and so did my coworkers! I regained that confidence that I have been searching for a long time. By this product- you will not be disappointed!
– Paige, US

Our evaluation

Elite Serum is a great solution to under-eye skin issues. We rate and rank all products independently and free from bias, so we’d never push you toward any particular product. But Elite Serum has a pretty impressive success rate.

We’d like to see a lower priced product made like Elite Serum, since not everyone can afford this product who might benefit from it. They do have reasons behind their pricing, since the product quite simply goes above and beyond every other product we have tried. If you can afford it, the product may well be worth the price to you.

What’s next? Read our Elite Serum RX review.

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